What goes into our gifts?

We write on it, wrap with it, we even read from it - paper is a universal material used around the world, but have you ever thought about the impact of our paper habit on the planet? Here’s some of the regenerative and recycled options used to wrap up your favourite Lush gift boxes.

Golden Eagle paper

Our “Golden Eagle” paper is made with wood taken from the trees in the Akaya forest of Japan. The Akaya forest is a local project that works to regenerate the natural habitat environment of golden eagles of Akaya, which is located in the town of Minakami. This special paper was developed in collaboration of handmade traditions and technology of the Japanese “washi” paper. This special wrapping paper has a uniquely soft texture due to the wood chip material in the surface of the final product, which would otherwise have been a byproduct of the process of building houses and furniture.

Gifts that use Golden Eagle paper:



Castanet Paper

Castanet paper is made with the recycled wood material that are left as waste during the process in manufacturing castanet instruments. The castanets are manufactured in the only castanet studio of Japan and uses the wood material from the Akaya project that work to regenerate the habitat environment of golden eagles. This wrapping paper has a more defined texture than the golden eagle paper.

Gifts that use Castanet wrapping paper:
So Dreamy


Cotton Paper

The “Iwaki OtentoSUN Enterprise Cooperative”  is a group that works to regenerate the damaged farmlands that were affected by the great disaster of Fukushima that happened on March 11th 2011 in order to  regenerate the soil and the local community by growing organic cotton on these contaminated areas.  This year, we recycled the stems and leaves of the harvested cotton and used the fiber material to create our own cotton wrapping paper. The surface of the paper has a distinct texture from the cotton fiber which adds warmth to the paper.

Gifts that use cotton wrapping paper:


Banana Paper

Banana paper is made out of a mixture of the banana fiber from banana stems and used paper material. When bananas are ready to harvest, the stems need to be cut to create a new banana fruit. These stems that are left as waste are usually disposed, but in this case, are recycled and used to make Banana paper for our gifts. A regenerative method of producing paper, this process also creates employment for the local community.

Gifts that use Banana wrapping paper:



Explore the kaleidoscopic gifts collection to find pretty parcels in all shapes, sizes and colours. For more information on the Lush ethical buying policy and the work that the Lush buying team put into sourcing incredible materials that look after people, the planet and animals - head here.

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