Your new favourite things

Christmas Bathtime Favourites


Your new favourite things
Christmas Bathtime Favourites Gift

Charge into Christmas armed with all the best bath bombs. A celebration selection box to launch, drop and cast into baths for uplifted moods and calm minds. This gift, packed with your new favourite things, will be sure to delight and excite and keep you going throughout the festive period.

9 items in the box
Inside your gift…
Golden Wonder Ballistic
Bath Bomb
A wonder to behold
Bath Bomb
Starry night
Bright pink Never Mind The Ballistics bath bomb
Bath Bomb
God save the clean
Bath Bomb
We won't go till we get some!
A red bath bomb with white reindeers patterns on the top
Bath Bomb
Sweater weather!
Bath Bomb
A dipdab in the bath
A blue and white striped bath bomb
Bath Bomb
A break in the clouds
A white bear shaped bath bomb
Bath Bomb
Bear hygge
Jelly Bomb
Fairy fluff
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