Cosmetics and chill: A bathtime to suit every mood this Valentine's day

Don’t fret about what to do this Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re single, loved up, or looking for love, a soak is always a good idea. Here’s some suggestions for bathtime and beyond, so what are you waiting for? Get that hot tap running!

Mood: I need a pick me up

If you’re feeling a little bit flat this V day, a bit of me time won’t go amiss. Here’s a few suggestions for a perk-you-up pamper.

Bathe in: Cheer Up Buttercup is packed full of feel-good zestiness. There’s lemon, lime and myrtle to boost your mood and pop a citrusy smile on your face.

Listen to: Crank up the volume and sing your worries away. We suggest:

Send Me On My Way - Rusted Root

No Scrubs - TLC

You’ve Got The Love - Florence and The Machine

Haim - That Don’t Impress Me Much

Eat: Mac and Cheese - The ultimate feel good meal. Find a delicious three cheese recipe here or an equally tasty vegan version here.

Watch: 500 Days of Summer Yes there’s romance, but there’s so much more. If it doesn’t leave you feeling a strange kind of good, well then, sorry.

Mood: Feeling romantic

However your night ends, start it right. And remember - baths are great for sharing…

Bathe in: For sensual healing, it has to be Sex Bomb. Heady jasmine and ylang and ylang will have you in the mood for dancing and romancing in no time. 

Listen to: Some tunes to get you in the mood…

I Need Your Love - Calvin Harris and Ellie Goulding

The Way You Make Me Feel - Michael Jackson

Budapest - George Ezra

You Make My Dreams Come True - Hall and Oates

Sexual Healing (Kygo remix) - Marvin Gaye, Kygo

Watch: Come on, you don’t need perswayzing, you’ll have the time of your life if you opt for old school Dirty Dancing. Whether you’ve seen it before or are new to the cult-classic, it’s perfect Valentine’s Day entertainment.

Meal: Brownie’s are the food of love - right? Try this veggie/vegan Raspberry and Pistachio recipe. You might even call it a recipe for love.

Mood: It’s all about me me me!

Valentine’s Day is all about love - loving yourself that is! And if, while everyone is squeezing on to tiny tables in overpriced restaurants, you are going to take the time to treat yourself, here’s some treats that should do the trick.

Bathe in: For a bomb that screams indulgence, look no further than Think Pink. Reels of fabulous fuchsia will unravel into your bath, filling it with dessert-sweet tonka and vanilla comfort. All that’s left is to lie back and relax.

Listen to:

Shake it off - Taylor Swift

Single Ladies - Beyonce

Hot Mess - Girli

Fever To The Form - Nick Mulvey

Watch: Don’t worry, Eat, Pray, Love has no place here. How about Zootopia? It’s a film about a kick ass bunny - what more could you want?

Eat: Nourish your body and mind by indulging in this warming coconut, lime and tamarind curry by Anna Jones.

Mood: Up for anything

You don’t want to get bogged down in conversations about the commercialisation of Valentine’s Day. February the fourteenth is a chance to have some fun - and who can argue with that?

Bathe in: If you wanna prepare for whatever life throws at you, then The Experimenter is the perfect, bomb to do just that.  Vanilla, tonka and a dash of popping candy make for a thrilling dip, and the perfect place to hatch plans for your day and night, whether that be chancing, dancing, or romancing.

Listen to: If you’re looking for a playlist to pump you up, it should include these:

Get Lucky - Daft Punk

Cheap Thrills - Sia

Take Me Out - Franz Ferdinand

Watch: You’re Valentine’s Day could go any number of ways, but let’s be honest you’re probably not going to save the world.  If you haven’t seen it, Kick Ass is a cult film charting ordinary teen Dave Lizewski’s mission to become a superhero.

Eat: If you want to fill your belly with good food fast, why not treat yourself to a burger from nomVnom? The burger chain is rocking the vegan scene right now and there's lots to choose from!

Mood: Seriously, when will it be over?

Fed up of cupid? Wanna ignore the entire thing? A night in is the perfect way to avoid loved-up couples. So lock out the world, pop the kettle on, and bring on the 15th!   

Bathe in: The lavender in The Big Sleep jelly bomb will help you get a good night’s sleep. And that means one thing only: it’ll be February 15th before you know it. Follow up with Sleepy body lotion to help you nod off in ultimate comfort.

Watch: If ever there’s a time for a box set binge it’s your anti Valentine’s Day night in. You know where to look, but Netflix’s OA is rather far away from a love story - so worth a watch. And season 2 is landing soon - catch up now.

Listen to:

Wake Me Up - Avicii

How’d You Like Me Now - The Heavy

Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat - Fatboy Slim

It’s All Good - Superorganism

Eat: Why not cook up something a little different? This vegan sushi is sure to take your mind off the mushy stuff.

Mood: None of the above

Eek! Sorry. But if you’ve read this far, you’d know that really the point is there is no right way to do Valentine’s Day. Just make sure you treat yourself right, and everything else will fall into place. Oh! And, bathing is always the answer.

Find more bathtime indulgences here.

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