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Father's Day 2018: Gifts for dads who deserve something different

Dads. Whether he’s your old man, daddy, pops or father, you want to give him a treat, a present, that’ll leave him feeling pretty neat this Father’s Day, right? 

You did socks last year, and that hilarious novelty mug was perfect for his birthday - but now you’re left with what? A total mind blank on what to get the guy who carried the sofa into your 342nd floor flat, or bailed you out when you completely, unexpectedly fell into your overdraft, who cooks the best spag bol you’ve ever tasted, or knows how to give a hug that makes it all okay. Maybe he makes the worst (best) jokes you’ve ever heard, or knows the perfect gin to tonic ratio, perhaps he just knows what you need to hear when you fall flat on your face?

Whatever his special talent, give him a taste of the high life - invite him into your world and show him what the umpteen tubs, bottles and bars in your bathroom are for.

Dad Giftbox

Give your dad the chance to kick back and relax with this fruity bundle of TLC. With three tantalisingly tangy treats in the form of Moustachio soap, Modfather bubble bar and Superdad bath bomb, your dad might just start raiding your Lush stash.

Kalamazoo beard and facial wash

If you think your dad might fancy something a little more low key, then look no further. This recycled and recyclable black pot contains Kalamazoo beard and facial cleanser. It’s packed full of fresh ingredients to give faces and beards the cleanse and the softness they crave. Also, it’s fun to say.

Superdad bath bomb

Like Clark Kent, Super Dad has been concealing his true identity for years. He has taken care of you under the pretense he’s just a regular guy - but no ordinary guy could get it so right. Could they? Let him know you’re onto him with this crash-bang-wallop of Olibanum and Sandalwood bath time refreshment.

Fun For All The Family bubble spinner

Is your dad one for gadgets? Perhaps he can’t sit still for long enough to let the bath water settle. This here is the answer. Introducing Fun For All The Family bubble spinner….

Spin this sweet orange oil and lime bubbler under the tap for a foam that’s perfect for bubble beards. And shh… don’t tell dad, but there might be a little bit of glitter in the mix!

Monsters And Aliens Fun

Who dealt with the monsters under your bed and in your wardrobe? Who turned holey socks into lovable aliens all with different (but at the same time quite similar now you think about it) voices? If the answer is dad, then look no further. This multipurpose wash is great for hair and body - and did we mention you can mould your own monsters, aliens, critters or props? Perfect for the father who can’t walk past a joke shop without sniggering.

Cosmetic Lad moisturiser

Ok, so flattery is your game here. No matter how old your father is, he’s sure to enjoy feeling like one of the lads - even if it is by association. And, added bonus, this softening moisturiser will help keep skin cool, calm and collected thanks to cold pressed almond oil and Fair Trade aloe vera gel.

So, whether it’s your dad, your grandad, step dad, or someone who just means a god damn lot to you, make sure they know how much they matter - whether that’s a chat on the phone, a meal at the pub, or a card sent from afar.

Fathers Day Dirty Gift

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