The finishing touch

Don't skive beauty school anymore, make sure you moisturise

 If you suffer from oily skin, moisturiser can be a scary concept. It may even be a step you 'forget' or down-right ignore, in your bid for matte skin. This tactic, however, may lead to further oil production as your complexion takes moisturing into its own hands (so to speak).  A dose of hydration can bring balance to your face by putting the right kind of oils into the skin. Essential oils like lavender and neroli communicate with your complexion and help restore you to balance, ready to battle blemishes more effectively while remaining bright and beautiful. So banish fears to the back of your brain and come and meet our balancing lotions. 

Full of Grace 

Pop this solid serum bar on before your liquid moisturiser (and a fresh face mask) to get the most from the fresh ingredients. Tropical butters and almond oil carry essential oils deeper into the skin, treating cells which have not yet come to the surface. Rich with antioxidising portabello mushrooms and beautifying rose absolute to restore calm and harmony to your complexion.

Vanishing Cream

The ultimate disappearing act.

When the idea of moisturiser is really quite stressful, reach for this light and airy cream. Lavender and rose oils absorb quickly into the skin, leaving a beautifully soft canvas for the day ahead, while neroli oil boosts collagen production in the skin, leaving it bright and healthy. Mattifying action for those who like their lotions lighter than air.


Creamy king of the jungle.

With each pot containing an entire lemon, this lotion delivers a fruity kapow to skin down in the dumps. While the lemon enzymnes remove dead skin-cells  and brighten your complexion, freshly juiced papaya and avocado nourish and restore your skin to glory.


Drawing on all the powers of Mother Nature for a royal result.

An exotic blend of luxurious ingredients, such as neroli oil to repair damaged skin, evening primrose oil to nourish and fresh pineapple to refine your pores. Light and softening, Gorgeous is an incredibly nutritious cream which is beautiful to apply and simply too stunning to only use as a treat. Try our finest creation for yourself. 

In your search for a dazzling complexion, find faith in our skincare and in our methods. 

Our cleansers, masks, toners and moisturisers embody our values. We invest in the super-powers of the fresh fruit and vegetables we can find in the earth and on the trees and believe that with great herbal power comes great responsibility. It is important to us that our products are made by hand, with no animal testing involved whatsoever. For us, the process of making skincare is as important as the finished product. So when you reach for a Lush product, you can rest assured that you are fighting cruel industry methods at the same time as answering your skin's SOS call.  

With great power, comes great responsibility.

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