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Humans of Home: Mary Grace

Mary Grace was a former shelter resident. The HOME Shelter provides a refuge and social support for domestic workers in Singapore who have suffered abuse or have been trafficked, and are in the process of seeking legal recourse or resolving disputes with their employers. She is now working for a new employer.

"I am lucky to have a good employer now. It wasn't easy with the former one. I was often treated badly and always monitored closely. I was even afraid to rest for a minute for fear of being scolded.

I had to come back to Singapore to work to support my five children -- my eldest is 10 and youngest is 2. My current employer is really supportive and understanding. I appreciate that she trusts me to take care of her two children and the household chores. When she gives me my salary every month, she also takes the time and effort to find out how I am coping, and I am comfortable sharing with her how I feel. My fellow domestic workers in the neighbourhood tell me that I am lucky. They say my employer treats me like a friend, a sister more than a 'maid'."


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