It vegan with a gift: Plant-based presents for Mother’s Day

So this is the scenario. You’re vegan and happy. You shun dairy in favour of plant based alternatives, and you get your protein from places that have nothing to do with an animal. All’s fine. You go about your day like everybody else, eating what you choose and not giving it much more thought. Except for when you chat to the family. That’s when the questions come. All. Of. The. Questions. “Do you miss cheese?” “Are you anaemic” “Can you still eat yogurt?”

You’ve explained a hundred times over, so how about something new? Why not show your mum (and the rest of the crew) how good being vegan can be with a whole host of vegan Mother’s Day gifts and treats she’s sure to adore. As the matriarch, your fam are more likely listen to her, so getting her on side is key. Right?

Oh, and as for the treats they’ll be far more appreciated than (another) pair of slippers. Here’s a run down of  some spectacular vegan mother’s day presents that’ll show her how much you care, and let her know you really are doing okay. After all, that’s what most mums want to know all year round.

NB. They also make great gifts for vegan mums too, but you knew that anyway!


Good things come in small packages, and Pretty As A Picture is blossoming with pampering vibes. This bubbly bath gift not only features two dairy-free delights, Sakura bath bomb and Purple Drain marbled bubbleroon, but will allow your mum to drift away on a fabulously floral breeze of calming mimosa, sensual jasmine and balancing ylang ylang oils.

You’ve probably said it with flowers, and you’ve definitely said it with copious amounts of cards, but it’s time to thank mum by giving her the break she truly deserves. Shower away stress, combat fatigue and lift spirits with this bright and breezy Thanks Mum gift. Treat her to the scrumptiously fruity Raspberry Milkshake soap, energising Antiope naked shower gel, and an invigorating sea salt Rub Rub Rub shower scrub, because mums are the best, and they definitely deserve a little ‘me’ time too.


Do you remember those drawings you used to make as a child with the bits of string and pasta shells? The ones that melted your mama’s heart? Well now you can take that sentiment and turn it into a tantalisingly tropical bath. Simply pop Mum, Look What I Made You into the tub, and allow it to fizzle away, releasing sweet coconut blossom nectar, skin-softening cocoa absolute and hydrating almond oil. It’s time she took a well-deserved break, and it looks almost as good as those homemade masterpieces you used to make her.

Looking to celebrate your mum’s superpowers? Elevate and empower your mum with this fun fizzer, packed full of refreshing bergamot oil, uplifting ylang ylang oil, and sweet orange flower absolute. As Incredible Mum whizzes around the water, the zesty fragrance will be sure to restore all of those superpowers mums have. Seriously, how does she do it all? Not all heroes wear capes, but this one certainly does!

Incredible Mum bath bomb

Who runs the world? Girls - or more specifically, your ma. This one's for all the wonderful women out there. Arise out of citrusy scented waters feeling energised, inspired and celebrated, with Madame President by your mums side the world is her playground. Waves of uplifting grapefruit oil and refreshing petitgrain oil will empower the important ladies in your life, so they are ready to take on a brave new, plant-based world.


The sheep that helps everyone sleep has arrived! Send your mum to rest in clouds of fluffy white bubbles, and soak in soothing lavender scented waters. Gently crumble Baa Bar under a running tap to release a Sleepy potion fit for a herbivore queen! A relaxing trio of softening, organic soya milk, calming lavender powder and lavender oils swirl, allowing the mind to unwind and travel peacefully to land of nod. How baa-rilliant!

Adorn loved ones with extra special marbled bubbleroons this Mother’s Day. These sweet treats are inspired by marbled macaroons, and are filled with Fair Trade shea butter from the Ghanian Women's co-operative, and silky murumuru butter to soften and pamper all skin types.

Mother of Pearl spoils the senses with a trio of fabulously floral jasmine, calming mimosa and sweet orange flower absolutes. Zesty Citrus Are Doing It For Themselves is packed full of brightening grapefruit oil and invigorating lemon myrtle oil, ensuring a refreshing dip. While Purple Drain creates waves of warming black pepper oil, stimulating clove bud oil and rejuvenating peppermint oil to gently wash away any blues.

So, whether you want to make your mum feel as bright as a bouquet, put a spring back into her step, or you simply feel like she is in need of a bathtime pick-me-up, with these three lavish bubbleroons to choose from, your vegan gifting needs are completely covered!

Is your Mum In A Spin? Look no further, as calming lavender and tonka suds released from this playful spinner will be sure to leave her feeling foamtastic! The comforting pink waters swirl with balancing ylang ylang oil, washing away any stress, and transport her to a happy (and extra bubbly) place! Just in case you didn’t know, this bubble spinner is reusable, so the fun just keeps on coming!


Shake up your mum’s shower routine with this luxurious sweet treat: Raspberry Milkshake soap is bursting to the brim with fresh raspberry juice and cleansing lemon oil. The raspberry seeds buff and brighten skin, while creamy almond milk soothes and softens. A lather of this dairy-free raspberry and vanilla treat is sure to leave mum feeling pampered morning, noon and night.

Want a gift that lasts longer than a bunch of flowers? These fantastically floral standing soaps are designed to look and feel beautiful on skin, while standing strong no matter what you throw at them (remind you of anyone?). There’s four intricate 3D printed designs to choose from, so whether you’re looking for a little bit of sunshine or a chilled out cleanse, there’s something that’ll please every mum. 


Unleash your mum’s inner Amazonian goddess with this deeply cleansing Amazonian white clay naked shower gel. Inspired by strong, powerful women like Antiope, the aunt of Wonder Woman, this naked shower gel invigorates and energises with Brazilian suma root infusion and uplifting Brazilian orange oil. Nourishing Amazonian pequi oil, is high in absorbent oleic acids, which provides long-lasting moisture to the skin,and encourage mums far and wide to march forth and take on the world. Naked shower gels break the packaging mould and are double the concentration of liquid shower gels, so you can ditch the plastic and lather up for twice as long.

Knot Wraps

Want to rock zero waste as well as being plant-based? With reusable Knot Wraps you can create a bespoke, tailor-made Mother’s Day gift packed full of vegan bathing goodies, all without packaging. Knot Wraps can be reused as wrapping paper, turned into a fashion accessory or even a drawstring bag, so say goodbye to single use!

So, now you can wow her with these dairy-free delights, and show her that turning to the plant-side really isn’t that difficult. But how will she get her vegan cosmetic fix all year round? Well, it's easy - over 85% of Lush products are vegan. Discover more Mother's Day gifts here.

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