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Pack light with self-preserving solids

Holiday essentials needing their own suitcase? Self-preserving solids could just be the way forward. Why not pack light and opt for travel-friendly, versatile products the whole family can use?

Find yourself desperately trying to fit toiletries for the whole family into your luggage? If packing's a struggle there could just be an easier option, (we have the technology!). Solid, self-preserving products can open up suitcase space, banish spills and are filled with enough fresh fruits and beautifying oils to ensure the whole family stays in good shape. 

You got the scrub

Leave heavy liquid scrubs at home – get on-board the self-preserving train with these transportable solids instead. Rub Rub Rub combines exfoliating sea salt, nourishing organic illipe butter and astringent mimosa to wash away grime and ensure your skin is beautifully smooth. Rough With The Smooth delivers an addictively sweet and spicy hit to the brain: with plenty of sugar and murumuru butter to refresh and brighten the skin. And as for nifty little Pumice Power foot soap, well, this incredibly zingy sweet organic orange oil is packed with exfoliating pumice to treat all toes to some TLC after a hike.  


The multi-tasker

Make space in your heart (and your bag) for humble Elbow Grease moisturising bar. This super-charged blend of extra virgin coconut oil from the Hinako islands, creamy cupuacu butter and nourishing candelilla wax is a hydrating dream for sore summer skin and incredibly versatile. Apply it lightly all over as a soothing after sun, get tough on those pesky elbow and knee patches and use on tattoos to calm and refresh the colour. Balancing rosewood oil from a sustainable distillery in Peru adds a spicy note to the fragrance and a little antiseptic action to the skin.


Dust a little bit

Smooth and silky is only seconds away if you’re able to whip a dusting powder out of your pocket. Set moisturiser, perfume your skin, deodorise and dry off after a swim: they’re handy in a variety of scenarios. A combination of natural barriers such as calamine powder and safe synthetics in Powdered Sunshine sunscreen allow you to top up on factor 15 without feeling sticky, and leave a fresh, uplifting fragrance on the skin. Twinkle Toes foot powder deodorises your skin with antiseptic bay oil, while a blend of moringa powder and geranium absorbs any excess moisture when you’re on the go. Sprinkle into your shoes for extra comfort.  Tea tree-packed The Greeench deodorant powder uses sage and thyme to keep your body feeling fresh as a daisy, with antiseptic ingredients to gently take care of any whiffs. Brush up wherever you are to enjoy matte, fragrant skin.

So there’s no need to pack up your troubles in your old kit bag: why not de-clutter mind and holiday with some hardworking new essentials?

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