Post-Christmas Sale FAQ

Our post Christmas sale is back! There are heaps of half-price treats for you to get your hands on in shops or online. Read on for all the details.


What’s on sale?

All festive products, gifts and discontinued products.

(*This excludes Knot Wraps and tote bags, sundries and Charity Pot.)

On the website, sale items are marked with the "leaving soon" bubble. 

How long is the sale?

The sale will run till 31st January, although many items are selling fast and might be sold out by then, so we'd recommend getting your favourite festive items quick!

How do I know what each shop has in stock?

Each store manages their own inventory, which is separate from online inventory. Visit or call your nearest store to see what they’ve got in stock.

Is the sale the same online and in stores?

The offer is the same online and in-store.

I bought it but I don't like it, what can I do?

We apologise that products in this category is non exchangeble or refundable. 

Can you ship internationally?

We can ship to Singapore or Malaysia. 

Have any questions not answered here? Contact your nearest shop, email our customer care team at [email protected] or visit us on Facebook. Have a happy and fresh new year!

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