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Soapbox: Seven Clean Seas

It is estimated that 8 million metric tons of plastic is flowing into the oceans every year and this is decimating marine life, ecosystems and the environment. More so, a recent study found that humans are consuming as much as a credit card worth of plastic every single week! It is imperative that governments, community groups and individuals act now and reduce all unnecessary single use plastic before the situation is beyond saving.  

Seven Clean Seas is a Singapore based Social Enterprise dedicated to the removal of plastic pollution from the world's oceans, seas and coastlines. We run community and corporate clean up events and to date, we have removed almost 25,000 kg of ocean plastic pollution from Singapore’s beaches alone!

We focus on 3 areas of activity.

  1. Clean the oceans, seas and coastlines
  2. Conserve marine and coral life through conservation projects
  3. Inform the uninformed on the subject of plastic’s and why they are unhealthy for both the planet and for humans.

Singapore is geographically blessed when it comes to travel and doing business with the rest of South East Asia, but unfortunately we couldn't be in a worse location when we are looking at ocean plastic pollution. The reason is because we are literally surrounded in all directions by the worlds worst plastic polluting countries. The top 6 are China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand and Malaysia. As this plastic washes into the oceans and sets sail around the world, it’s direction is dictated by winds, tides and currents. A good onshore wind here in Singapore can push huge quantities of this plastic up onto our shores where it is captured. Whilst this is good because it allows us to remove it from the ocean systems for good, it creates a never ending battle to remove it on a daily basis.

To make matters worse, much of the plastic that washes up on our shores is contamination by organic matter, degraded by the sun and damaged by waves. This low quality and contaminated plastic has little chance of being accepted by recyclers so it is usually destined for the incinerator where it is burned for power. This is why it is SO important that we work to stop the plastic entering the ocean in the first place. We all have a part to play in this, no matter where we live. We need behavior change, system change and to realise that it starts on an individual level, with each and every one of us.


This is the mantra we all need to live by if we are really going to be part of the solution and not just part of the problem. Are you up to the challenge? For more information, google ‘The 7 R’s Of Sustainability’.   

Seven Clean Seas recently spread our operations to Indonesia and Malaysia with the aim of stopping the ocean plastic that washes up on our shores at the source. We have a huge task ahead of us, but we know with the support of our community we can make it happen. We raise funds through the sale of an eco and ocean friendly bracelet. If you support us and buy a bracelet, we promise to go and remove 0.5kg of ocean plastic on your behalf. You will be directly contributing to the solution and will join our resistance, our resistance against ocean plastic pollution!


Written by: Tom Peacock-Nazil, Co-Founder and CEO

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