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Some like it hot: everything you need to know about hot oil hair treatments

When it comes to hair oils, these hot little treatments are ready to stir it up! Crammed with juicy fruits and brimming with botanical essential oils, do-it-at-home hair and scalp treatments deliver a little luxury to every day.

What if great hair only took 20 minutes out of your time? Better yet, what if you could revel in a sumptuous beauty parlour experience from the comfort of your own home? (Slippers and pyjamas welcome.)

What’s up locks?

Reminiscent of indulgent Belgian hot chocolate sticks, hot oil treatments add a touch of decadence to a cosy night in. Five treatments await your tresses, from thirst quenching Damaged to volume building Yuge, there are plenty to dip into! Choosing how much water you add means these hot oils are highly flexible, working in harmony with your hair’s needs. Getting the effect you want has never been so straightforward.

Unlike many hair treatments, these hot oils are designed to be used pre-shampoo, before wetting your hair, as cosmetic scientist and product inventor Daniel Campbell explains: ‘Using the treatments on dry hair means you are not diluting the product, and all of the beautiful essential oils and fresh fruits can fully penetrate the hair’. A divine mix of herbs and botanicals create luxurious infusions when added to water for naturally beautiful hair.  

Eco warriors who fight for clean-conscience, beautiful hair can also rest assured that these hair treatments are naked and packaging free. In-house brand designer Kirstie Maclean explains: ‘Essentially we wanted to limit unnecessary packaging by creating a How To Use in the form of icons which transcend language barriers. These icons are digitally printed on the wooden stick of the product, making the treatments wonderfully straightforward to use, whilst also cutting down on wasteful packaging.’

These hot oil treatments might just be the missing ingredient when it comes to making a good hair day great again. Who knows maybe you will meet your match?

Yuge hot oil hair treatment for hair and scalp
Yuge hot oil hair treatment for hair and scalp

What’s the damage?

Adorn your hair with a crown of opulent, natural oils for healthy hair. Rich olive, avocado and almond oil coat every hair strand, protecting and strengthening each one with hair enhancing proteins and vitamins.

A reparatory hot oil treatment, Damaged is perfect for when your hair needs a little extra love. By locking in moisture and improving the elasticity and tensile strength of the hair, olive oil helps to prevent further damage, whilst a pinch of sea salt gives your locks a lift and makes them more manageable.

Depending on how thirsty your hair is, you can tailor the consistency of the treatment as you make it too. Daniel Campbell states: ‘The nice thing about Damaged is that although it contains olive, almond and avocado oil you can dilute it to make it thinner, or leave it more concentrated for a richer treatment.’ A more diluted consistency best suits finer hair which is better able to absorb moisture, whilst a denser consistency suits thicker hair which needs a little more encouragement to drink up hydration. A long, hydrating drink for thirsty hair, Damaged is Ideal if you seek soft hair which still has a little volume.

Putting the grrr in great hair

When you want your hair to be the main event, Marilyn hot oil treatment will tend to every gilded thread atop your head.

Saffron and chamomile put the sexy back into fair hair, kicking out brassy tones to leave showstopping golden locks. Cut and dried chamomile creates an exquisite calming and colour-enhancing infusion, whilst rich linseed powder transforms into an oil-free conditioning gel in water, coating each strand for satiny hair which still has bounce.

Containing cut and dried herbs rather than powdered amplifies the effects of the treatment; as Daniel Campbell explains: ‘We put all the herbs which were in the original liquid version of Marilyn in a coffee grinder and ground them up loosely. Because they aren’t powdered, the herbs retain more nutrients and their microflora stays intact, these re-hydrate when water is added, creating a stunning infusion for the hair. Saffron, linseed and chamomile have a beneficial effect on blonde hair keeping it light and bright’.

In addition, a squeeze of fresh organic lemon juice helps hair dazzle by encouraging each strand to lie a little more sleekly and reflect the light, while protein packed soya gives strength to fine locks. You don't have to be blonde to benefit from this calming, shine-enhancing treatment (although it certainly helps).

Just what the doctor ordered

Imagine walking through the heavy wooden doors of an old apothecary, a bearded man shuffles out from behind dusty boxes placing this healthy-scalp concoction in your hands, then disappearing in a puff of smoke. Okay perhaps that’s a little far, but earthy, restorative The Hair Doctor is crammed with exquisite, natural ingredients to help soothe troubled scalps.

Irish moss forms a lavish conditioning gel to coat the hair, whilst rosemary rebalances the scalp. Tingly peppermint helps to stimulate the hair follicles, product and brand trainer Aleksandra Herbich explains: ‘mint stimulates the blood flow to the scalp, therefore increasing the nutrients going into the hair follicles. This in turn can increase hair growth, cool and calm the scalp and slow down the hair fall process’.

An absorbent clay; fullers earth effectively cleanses both the hair and scalp, whilst  brewer’s yeast has a probiotic effect, promoting ‘friendly bacteria’ and helping to soothe any irritation. Richly moisturising lanolin, hydrating coconut oil and protein packed soya cool, calm and leave locks superbly soft whilst red henna helps with shine. A healthy scalp means healthy hair and who knows a hot oil treatment today could keep scalp bother at bay.

It’s going to be yuge

Turn hair up to full volume with Yuge, a refreshingly tingly hot oil treatment that packs a peppermint punch. Those fine-haired friends can still accomplish bewilderingly big hair, with an abundance of volume building essential oils and fresh herbs.

Rich agave syrup swells the hair cuticles, making them look fuller and thicker by providing moisture but also locking it in. Lightweight jojoba oil balances sebum production to ensure your tresses remain light and bouncy, moisturising the hair and scalp and coating the hair strands for a glossy mane. Dried peppermint creates a stimulating scalp infusion when water is added, boosting the hair follicles to encourage re-growth. A generous pinch of mineral rich sea salt makes ‘shore’ you wash up with volume, pushing up the hair cuticles so that they look plumper. Shout ahoy to big locks a-plenty!

Feel brand new

Spice things up with New, an aromatic hot oil treatment with a herbal, woody aroma. This treatment contains cinnamon leaf oil, a natural antimicrobial and antibacterial plant based oil which increases circulation to the scalp by boosting blood flow to the hair follicles, therefore speeding up the hair growth cycle.

A nettle leaf and peppermint infusion also works to encourage re-growth whilst also removing excess oil and improving shine. Both warming and cooling; cinnamon and bay oil warm whilst menthol cools and fresh, green rosemary absolute rebalances and alleviates discontented scalps. Containing olive oil to increase the hair’s tensile strength, it also includes peppery clove bud oil to condition and reduces hair fall. Finally, jojoba offers a healthy dose of hydration to hardworking locks. Tough hair starts at the root, so maintain these and you will be left with some serious hair flare!

So, there you have it! The power of great hair is placed in your palms, find your perfect pick and bask in head-turning hair. They're simple to use, find out here


Whether yours is curly, straight, wavy, afro, fine or thick, there’s one thing we’ve all got in common - we want hair that makes us feel good.

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