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There’s no time like the present to give a gift to the future. Innovative fruit papers and recycled wrappings that give back to the community are on the menu for spring 2018, so you can give back to your loved ones and the planet.


Springtime means new beginnings: White Day*, graduations, and all manner of fresh starts. It’s a time to think of those you cherish and an opportunity to make meaningful connections. That’s why this year’s indulgent treats come wrapped in an innovative range of papers, Knot Wraps and ribbons that celebrate the artisan, traditional skills of the communities that make them and have a positive impact on those places and the planet.

*Note: White Day is a Japanese event for giving back to people who gave presents on Valentine's day to that person (it's more of a commercialised event). Japan also starts their new school year and new work year in April, therefore is why spring is known for new starts and goodbyes.

Golden Eagle paper

Introducing the innovative “Golden Eagle” paper, made with wood taken from the trees in the Akaya forest of Japan where golden eagles make their nests. In order to protect these beautiful birds, a local project called the AKAYA Forest, located in the town of Minakami, Gunma Prefecture, is working to regenerate the eagles’ natural habitats, and Lush has worked with them to develop a special paper that incorporates the handmade traditions of the Japanese “washi”* paper.

Felling trees is an important part of carefully managing and regenerating the forest ecosystem, and this wood is used to build houses and make furniture. By utilising the woodchips which are a byproduct of the process, we’ve been able to develop a special wrapping paper with a sensory soft texture. You’ll find it on these beautiful gifts.

*Note: “washi” = “wa” means Japanese, and “shi” means paper. It is our traditional paper that has been around for many years. 

Gifts that use the Golden Eagle paper are:




Castanet Paper

Made with the recycled wood material left as waste during the process in manufacturing castanet instruments, this dynamic paper has a distinctive texture and story. The castanets are manufactured in the town of Manakami in the Gunma Prefecture in the only castanet studio in Japan, using wood from the AKAYA Project which regenerates the habitats of golden eagles. In fact, the paper’s regenerative origins should be music to the ears of environmentally-minded recipients. You’ll find it in these lovely gifts.

Gifts that use Castanet wrapping paper:

So Dreamy



Cotton Paper

You won’t be-leaf what’s gone into this one. The “Iwaki OtentoSUN Enterprise Co-operative” is a group that works to regenerate the farmlands damaged by the Fukushima disaster of 2011, by growing organic cotton on these areas unable to be used for food crops. By recycling the the stems and leaves of the harvested cotton, we’ve created a rich fibrous material that can be used as a cotton wrapping paper. As well as making a lovely, tactile paper, each gift sold is helping to regenerate the land in affected areas of Fukushima. 

You’ll find this innovative paper in the following gift:



Banana Paper

This luxurious paper made from African banana stems and recycled material is a sustainable innovation for the paper industry, which plays a large part in global deforestation. In fact, if all the banana stems wasted during the harvest were recycled into paper, it could even put an end to deforestation. Banana stems have a rich, fibrous texture but are normally discarded during the harvest. But, when combined with recycled paper, they create a soft, textured packaging that feels good and does good.

The manufacture of banana paper calls on local expertise and creates jobs in the area, in turn reducing illegal poaching activities and benefiting the African wildlife. You’ll find it in Lovely gift and even on Lush business cards!

See banana paper on the following gift:



100% recycled ribbons

Petroleum oil can be found in all manner of surprising materials - including ribbons - which is why it is exhausting natural resources at a worrying rate, and making our search for alternatives increasingly important. Thankfully, these ribbons are made of recycled bottles, adding an extra flourish to your gift that doesn’t come at a cost to the environment. 

Find these beautiful ribbons on:

Wash Box

Honey, Honey


Knot Wrap

There are plenty of reasons to celebrate the Japanese tradition of furoshiki (the act of wrapping gifts in fabric), when it’s both personalised and environmentally friendly.  Lush Knot Wraps are made of 100% recycled material, including plastic bottles and organic cotton from around the world, and rely on the expertise of groups around the world.

“Iwaki OtentoSUN Enterprise Co-operative” 

The Iwaki OtentoSUN Enterprise Co-operative is a group that works to regenerate the damaged farmlands affected by the Fukushima disaster in 2011. Bichu Brown cotton and white western cotton are mixed together to create a ‘tenugui’: a hand towel-sized Knot Wrap that can be upcycled as a headband, lunchbox and more. Use your imagination! 


Introducing “re-wrap”: a not-for-profit group operating in Mysore, India. This women’s co-operative celebrates the traditional, artisan fabric crafts in the region by making various sustainable handmade textile goods. It’s a chance for employees to learn marketable skills and preserve traditional craftsmanship.


Feeling inspired? You’ll find all our gifts HERE

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