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Vegan Christmas: Festive treats everyone can enjoy

Are you looking to make your festive celebrations a bit more vegan friendly? It may seem daunting but believe us, it’s actually quite easy. We have you covered with some ideas to get you started and to help make the holidays as easy as eating your greens.


From stocking fillers to the main event, the Lush Christmas range is packed with vegan friendly options! In fact, almost every product in the range is vegan, so there are loads of options to choose from.

Fill your Santa boots with these festive vegan goodies. Snow Fairy Jelly Bomb is a super sweet, magical treat that will be enjoyed by kids of all ages. This Jelly Bomb, jiggling with the scent of candy floss, will fill bathrooms and hearts with joy. For something fruitier, Plum pudding bath melt is the perfect option. With Fair Trade organic cocoa butter, whole oats, and dried dates, this moisturising bath melt will comfort as it softens winter skin. Cranberry Fizz lip scrub will perfect pouts and make for soft and kissable lips. Caster sugar gently buffs, while organic jojoba oil moisturises - perfect for under-the-mistletoe mischief.

If you are looking to go the whole shebang, gift boxes are the perfect option! For something little but mighty, you can’t go wrong with Golden Wonder. Bubbles of clove and ylang ylang, and cognac and sweet orange fizzes fill this glorious bathing box. Although vegans might not be able to dive into the chocolate selection tins, they can definitely indulge in this one: It’s Christmas Deer is filled to the brim with fantastical treats to fawn over favourites. The tin is reusable too!

What better way to treat the eco-friendly friend, vegan or not, in your life than with a colourful gift wrap that they can use and repurpose as many times as they like! Christmas Party is made from recycled plastic bottles and makes the perfect addition to any gift while helping to reduce waste on the big day.

Now that we have the gifts covered, let’s talk about other ways we can help make the holidays even happier with these vegan Christmas hacks...


Chocolates! Everyone loves chocolate at Christmas don’t they? Big tins adorn the coffee table of pretty much every house and chocolate decorations twinkle temptingly from Christmas tree branches. If you’re looking for vegan chocolate treats, there are some wonderful, sumptuous choccie delights out there.

For treating someone special, Booja Booja Champagne Truffles are dairy free and vegan and the boozy mouthfuls are the perfect way to end (or start) Christmas day. Hotel Chocolat have a whole range of vegan chocolates as well and, if you’re on a tighter budget or are just looking to fill a gap in a stocking, many supermarkets have some great “accidentally vegan” options especially in their own branded ranges.

Party food is something that need not be a headache either, and there are some good finger food options to offer your guests. Marks and Spencer sell some rather marvelous and very festive-looking spring rolls, while Linda McCartney is arguably the best brand for sausage rolls.

If you’re looking for something a little more personal and homemade, there are tonnes of recipes for delicious and easy dinners. Sadly, a purely vegan Christmas cookbook doesn’t exist (yet), but Jamie Oliver and The Minimalist Baker have a plethora of easy recipes to tantalise and tempt, not just the herbivores around the table.

Animal Allies Singapore have put together a handy guide to finding vegan versions of your favourite treats in Singapore here.

Making the festive season vegan can be really easy and options definitely need not be boring. Who needs a nut roast anyway?


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