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#WeCleanSeas: Picking up ocean plastics, one beach at a time

So you’ve seen our countless efforts to go ‘naked’ and even then, we can’t say that we are 100% free of plastic. In fact, a good amount of our products still remain in plastic. If we’re going to be honest, we want to do whatever we can to rid Mother Earth of this plastic problem - it has become so drastic and global that we can no longer be dependent on the smallest of efforts, such as recycling. And of course, in classic Lush fashion, we’re not going to sit around and do nothing about it.


Previously, we’ve managed to cut out palm oil as one of our ingredients but unfortunately we are still unable to say that we are 100% free of palm oil, so much that it’s untraceable. The same goes for plastic - it’s a fundamental resource that has been excessively mass-produced over the years that it has become inevitable to avoid. So instead of trying to prevent the use and purchase of plastic we thought, what better way to tackle this issue than to get rid of plastic from the place that it’s causing most harm in: the ocean. 

Thankfully, we came across our very own local ocean heroes. Seven Clean Seas, a social enterprise, started from a dynamic duo that grew to hundreds in just under a year. After a vacation to one of Thailand’s beaches, founder Thomas Peacock-Nazil (Tom) realised how serious the plastic problem was, so much that all of it was affecting our favorite tourist spots or otherwise some of the world’s precious gems. He took his own initiative to clean up the beach and has since then been tackling the plastic problem head on. Seven Clean Seas has grown to become a community movement based in Singapore, running beach clean-ups at least once a month both locally and internationally. With enough helping hands from the community, each clean-up can clear as much as several thousand kilograms in one go, but that’s only a small chunk of 8 billion kilograms worth of plastic that’s thrown into the ocean annually. 

We, too, want to play a part in cleaning our beaches! This #PlasticFreeJuly, we’ve teamed up with Seven Clean Seas to run a collaborative clean-up, so that all of you can be involved in this movement too! You can sign up via the official Facebook event here.

There are so many ways we can all take part in helping to make this planet just that little bit cleaner. And whilst doing so, let’s not forget all the collective efforts thus far, whether big or small, that has been put into cutting down plastic waste. While Tom and his team have already removed more than 20,000kg plastic waste from the oceans to date, we also can celebrate all of our achievements and it’s all thanks to your guys’ support. 

Lush has always been conscious about the resources used for and put into the making of our packaging. Our gift boxes are easy because all of our paper is 100% recycled. Even our clear wrappers are made from 100% biodegradable cellophane (so it’s compostable!). It’s also great that we have concepts such as making knot wraps from recycled bottles, as well as the 5 pot recycling policy, where you can redeem a fresh face mask every time you bring back 5 Lush pots to any store around the world.


Written by: Nina Nakamura, Campaign Coordinator, Lush Singapore.


Find out more about our campaign partner, Seven Clean Seas, here. Or head over to and follow them on Facebook at

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