Colour 77007

Colour to the people
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Colours add to the experience, making using the products fun and exciting. They can also have a profound effect on our feelings and emotions.



Thanks to archeological excavations, we know that using color to change our own appearance probably started thousand years ago, during Paleolithic. Proof of body painting with iron and manganese oxides, ochre and coal has been found, each color symbolising something, depending on each culture.

Since then and for centuries, pigments were used in cosmetics and hair dyes, made out of minerals, plants or animals. Some colours were extremely rare, fading really fast or nonexistent as a pigment, this is why synthetic colours developed really fast since the 18th century, in order to obtain the full spectrum.

Today, synthetic colours are regulated and approved for safe use by different governing bodies around the world. After having checked their safety, a few of these are used by Lush to supplement natural pigments and achieve a full cruelty-free pallet of colour.

Colour 77007 can be found in these products
Products with this ingredient
Colour 77007 can be found in these products
Limited Edition
sugar plum fairy christmas lip scrub
Lip Scrub
En pointe!
25.00 SGD
sleepy christmas shower gel
Shower Gel
Thank you and goodnight
18.00 SGD
goddess solid perfume
Solid Perfume
Anoint yourself
20.00 SGD
They're Gone!
web goddess shower gel community
Shower Gel
Divine Invention
39.00 SGD