Hand Harvested Sea Salt

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Cleansing and volumising
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Hand harvested sea salt efficiently cleans, softens and hydrates the skin, removing dead skin cells without stripping away too much natural oil. In hair products, it increases volume and shine of the hair.



Sea salt is rich in sodium, magnesium, and other minerals. Cleansing the skin with products full of sea salt is an excellent way to benefit from these minerals and from natural antiseptic and astringent properties of salt, which also help to brighten the skin by boosting circulation.

Morevover, it is a natural preservative which can help to keep products clean and free from micro-oganisms when used in appropriate quantities.

Lush buys sea salt from three different producers: two are based in Portugal and one in Croatia. All use traditional harvesting techniques, producing high quality salt, while actively contributing to the maintenance of the eco-system surrounding their workplace. Indeed, Salt pans and marshes provide excellent feeding, shelter and breeding conditions for hundreds of species of birds in their migration path. A great wealth of plant life can be found there, with over 400 types of plants.

Due to the global sea level rise and the development of cities, salt-marshes are amongst the most threatened habitats. Buying salt, samphire or dried flowers from these passionate growers support them in preserving this indispensable eco-system.

These crystals are free from pesticides, waste, heavy metals and radioactivity. They are totally unrefined to ensure that all of the natural trace minerals are present to give maximum benefit to the skin.

Hand Harvested Sea Salt can be found in these products
Products with this ingredient
Hand Harvested Sea Salt can be found in these products
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