Rhassoul Mud

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Cleansing and softening
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Rhassoul mud is a natural mineral product which cleanses the skin effectively and helps to remove grease. It also has a natural foaming effect, making it an effective, natural shampoo.



Rhassoul is traditionally mixed with water to produce a mud that can be applied to face, body and hair for a gentle and effective cleanse.

Rhassoul mud is extracted in a remote desert region of Morocco, near the Atlas Mountains, where the only known natural deposit of the clay is to be found. It helps to soften skin and gives a deep cleanse, drawing out dirt and impurities, leaving skin soft and clear.

Rhassoul clay is naturally absorbent which means it helps to draw out excess sebum, minimise shine and prevent breakouts.

Rhassoul mud has been used by Moroccan women for more than 12 centuries to care for their skin and hair, and takes its name from the verb 'rassala', which means 'to wash' in Arabic.

At a glance

At a glance

Rhassoul mud draws out impurities and gives skin a deep cleanse.
Time of harvest
Year round
The Atlas Mountains, Morocco
Rhassoul Mud can be found in these products
Products with this ingredient
Rhassoul Mud can be found in these products
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