A classy affair

Limited Edition

Golden Pear


A classy affair
Green, pink, gold and blue patterned present with gold Ribbons with a bath bomb, a bath oil and a soap to the right hand side of present on a white background

We all need a little touch of class every now and again. When Christmas has you rushed you off your feet, run the bath, close the door and lie back in the lap of luxury. As the glistening waters bounce light around your own secret grotto, let the vanilla and cocoa butter waters swirl around you, softening skin as the golden lathers lift your spirits. Winter blues have no business here. 

3 items in the box
Inside your gift…
Bath Oil
Your very own dessert island
golden pear christmas soap
Grab a pear
santas grotto bath bomb christmas 2019
Bath Bomb
Instant grotto-fication
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