Fleeting romance


Kerbside Violet

Body Milk

Fleeting romance
A white body milk splotch

Take notice. Fleeting moments of beauty surround you, through scent and sight, and then in an instant can vanish. Like the transitory scent from violets that can make you wonder if it was ever there at all. Violets, sometimes considered weeds, pioneer the way for other living species to live on in its wake. So, lavish in layers of sweet violet leaf, sensual jasmine, and spicy rosewood, combined to remind you to take note of the delicate, easily missed beauty that grows around you. Used within this light body milk, packed with soothing aloe and softening cocoa butter, you’ll be romanced in a floral delicacy that lasts long into spring.

26 Ingredients
Antiseptic and uplifting
Ylang Ylang
Sweet, heady and floral
Floral and seductive
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