Don't leave your soap out in the rain...

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Baked Alaska


Don't leave your soap out in the rain...
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I don't think I can take it
It took so long to bake it
And I'll never have the recipe again...

Allow the crisp, clean, scent of lemon myrtle oil to wash away your winter blues. Lather up and allow the moisturising meringue of Fair Trade organic cocoa butter to soften the skin throughout the festive season. Don't be half-baked, let ylang ylang oil's heady and floral notes encourage good vibes for your day and wake up to zesty grapefruit that brightens your skin and mind. Feel Mary and bright and lather this up on your soggy bottom. 


28 Ingredients
Uplifting and refreshing
Add a little pop
Uplifting and refreshing
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