A scrumptious selection

Limited Edition

Gingerbread House


A scrumptious selection
Gingerbread house shaped present with bath bombs, bubble bars, shower gels and a lip scrub surrounding it on a white background

If you go down to the woods today you're in for a big surprise. A welcoming house of gingerbread and candy awaits for you to adventure inside. There's no witch inside this confectionary castle - instead it's a wonderland of warming treats and comforting goodies to leave you relaxed, soothed, and smelling good enough to eat.


7 items in the box
Inside your gift…
marshmallow world community bath bomb
Bath Bomb
Sweets for my sweet
candy cane christmas reusable bubble bar
Reusable Bubble Bar
What's white and red all over?
pop art bath bomb christmas 2019
Bath Bomb
I bought me some corn for poppin'
american cream shower gel
Shower Gel
You're the one that I want
The Comforter bubble bar
Bubble Bar
Berry yourself under a fruity blanket
yog nog shower gel christmas 2019
Shower Gel
Big ol' bottle of cosy
web cookie dough lip scrub
LIp Scrub
Bake off
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